Humans on Mars: Obama makes pledge in State of the Union

Obama to put humans on Mars

President Obama pledged to land humans on Mars in last night’s State of the Union speech. In a show of his commitment he arranged...

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USAF Declassifies Project Blue Book Files held at the National Archives

Blue Book 3

USAF declassifies Project Blue Book files held at the National Archives. (USAF por fin libera antiguos archivos OVNI del Proyecto Libro Azul) I think it’s...

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PRG’s Stephen G. Bassett announces White House Petition VII


This petition eventuality raises three plaintive questions of a moral nature about the fate of American democracy.

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Spring Semester Courses for Exopolitics Certificate start 19 Jan 2015


The Exopolitics Institute is pleased to announce that classes begin on Jan 19, 2015 for a number of educational programs...

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Top ten UFO and exopolitics stories for 2014

Top 10 Exopolitics Stories

2014 was a big year for the field of exopolitics – the nascent science of understanding the political implications of UFOs and extraterrestrial life....

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Curiosity Rover image of coffin on Mars goes viral

coffin on Mars

RT News today ran a story about what appears to be a coffin on Mars filmed by NASA’s Curiosity Rover. The coffin-like object is...

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ZNN’s Victor Viggiani Interview on Coast to Coast AM Trending

ZNN’s Victor Viggiani Interview on Coast to Coast AM Trending

"Educational leadership in school boards may now have to contend with information that appears to indicate some students... have had encounters with Extraterrestrials..."

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NASA reverses itself on methane and possible life on Mars

Credit: NASA/JPL

Yesterday was a good day for those proposing that extraterrestrial life currently exists on Mars. In a Dec. 16 paper published in the journal...

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Exopolitical Highlights at the VI World UFO Forum at Foz de Iguazu – Brazil

UFOZ 2014 VI UFO Forum Brazil

The field of Ufology is moving forward and EXOPOLITICS is also becoming more recognized and talked about in this move. At the well-led forum by...

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UFO Evidence Ignored – Edgar Mitchell and Paul Hellyer Co-sign Critique to NASA and Library of Congress

UFO Evidence Ignored – Edgar Mitchell and Paul Hellyer Co-sign Critique to NASA and Library of Congress

"The signatories to this response feel it is most critical... to thoroughly recognize the deleterious political management of human history by elements of national...

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Futuristic Airbus design mimics antigravity UFO

Airbus flying bagel

Airbus has filed a new patent for a UFO-like airplane that looks like something right out of a Sci Fi movie. RT today described...

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Experimental Contact Exopolitics: Contacteeism & Scientific Colaboration

At Teotihuacan, Mexico July 2014 sighting with Sixto Paz

Introduction To develop Exopolitics we need to know who the ETs are. Developing a more proactive-interactive approach which is both verifiable and trust building...

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Hawaii lava flow to facilitate First Contact according to extraterrestrial message


On October 31, an alleged communication was released from an extraterrestrial group calling itself the Intergalactic Board of Council regarding the Puu Oo lava...

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Is that an elongated human skull on Mars?

Martian skull

A photograph taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover shows what appears to be an elongated skull on the Martian surface. According to an October...

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NSA document supports whistleblower claim of alien UFO communication program


On October 10, Peter Maass and Laura Poitras writing for The Intercept, released more powerpoint slides from leaked NSA documents concerning highly classified programs...

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An Encounter with Antarel at Mt Shasta

Antarel a Mission Rahma Extraterrestrial Guide

By Paola Harris September 29, 2014 As in the movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, I was invited. This 1977 film began my...

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True Exopolitics: Space people warn of dangers of social divide


By Gerard Aartsen  The state of the world“Switch on the news and you see record-breaking protests, historic uprisings and riots on once-calm streets –...

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Rosetta comet radio signals and UFO claims spark controversy

Comet 67 P UFO

The Huffington Post today attempted to debunk claims that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is transmitting radio signals and may in fact be an ancient spaceship. Post...

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