Startling HD video of UFO up close becomes available

Screen shot of Third Phase of Moon Video released April 19 2014

Close up video of a UFO shot in HD was today released by Third Phase of Moon, a popular Youtube channel with over 150,000...

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Whistleblower reveals serving for 3 years on secret space fleet

3 Earth Defense Force Logo

A new whistleblower has come forward to claim that he spent almost three years serving in a secret Space Fleet run by a multinational...

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New evidence emerges that Monroe planned to reveal JFK saw crashed UFOs

Comparison of Monroe Wiretap document with declassified CIA Information Report

New evidence has just been released supporting the authenticity of a leaked CIA document allegedly of wiretaps of Marilyn Monroe and her friends shortly...

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Does Curiosity Rover photo reveal buildings on Mars?

Zoom of NASA Curiosity Rover photo showing apparent buildings on Mars. Source: NASA JPL

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has again transmitted intriguing pictures from the surface of Mars. On April 9, a photo was discovered that appears to show...

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Whistleblower claims he served 17 years at secret Mars military base

1 Title-page-image-650

A new whistleblower has come forward to claim that he spent 17 years on Mars serving at a secret military base whose main mission...

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A New Stage of Contacts Predicted: Interview with Luis Fernando Mostajo from Bolivia

Luis Fernando 2014-03-29.Movie_Snapshot

Giorgio Piacenza Interview to Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens (7 April, 2014) GP: OK Let’s start. What were the circumstances of the March 29, 2014...

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Strange light appears on Mars: evidence of an underground base?

Light on Mars-650px

A photograph just released from the Mars Curiosity Rover reveals a strange nearby light that appears artificial. The image was part of a batch...

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ExoNews TV: Super Soldiers & Operation Moon Shadow

1 Title-page-iPart-1-mage

The ExoNews TV episode released today is the first in a five part series about the explosive testimony of Captain K an anonymous whistleblower,...

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Programmed Sighting at Chilca Desert March 30-31 2014

fotograma video ovni chilca 31 marzo 640-645 PM Canon Power Shot SX20is Marco Barraza telemundo

Top image : Night time Fotogram  by Gino D’angelo. Marco Barraza reporter/researcher & a Telemundo Network cameraman were present. They may have filmed more...

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The Ring Miners of Saturn


Angela Thompson Smith, Ph. D. Mindwise Consulting   Introduction In 1994 I was commissioned by a remote viewing applications group in California: Intuition Services....

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Remote Viewing at the 2014 UFO USA Tour


Angela Thompson Smith, Ph. D. Mindwise Consulting One-Day Introduction to Remote Viewing   The hotel conference table is littered with water bottles, paper, manuals,...

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Citizens safely sedated – Thou shalt not believe in UFOs


    “Participation in North American democracy is largely based on the belief that citizens should never be released into the world until they...

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Making Sense of Ukraine Through a History of Extraterrestrial Intervention


By Richard C. Cook             Why is there so much evil in the world, and if there is a God, why does God allow...

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Video showing UFO up close may be genuine

Screenshot of UFO video released by Third Phase of Moon

  The popular Third Phase of Moon Youtube channel today posted a 10 second video by a source who over the last month has...

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DR. ROGER K. LEIR Podiatric Surgeon DIES: His Contribution is Historical

DR. ROGER K. LEIR Podiatric Surgeon DIES:  His Contribution is Historical Dr. Roger K. Leir died on March 14, 2014. Dr.  Roger K. Leir, Doctor in Podiatric Medicine and a podiatric surgeon made history...

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Astropolitics and the Exopolitics of Unacknowledged Space Activities


Ever wondered what kinds of highly classified military programs are happening in outer space?  Well if you happen to know something about one of...

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Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and exopolitics

Stillshot from video of a 1969 UFO crash in Russia leaked by former KGB officials. Source: The Secret KGB UFO Files

In a Press Conference televised today, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that it was unlikely that Russia would take over Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. He...

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NASA confirms 768 new exoplanets making extraterrestrial life more likely

Credit: NASA, JPL

NASA astronomers yesterday released a paper announcing the discovery of an additional 768 exoplanets using a new validation technique for data from the Kepler...

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