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Battleship – is an extraterrestrial invasion possible?

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Battleship movie poster featuring US Navy responding to alien invasion

Battleship is an action packed science fiction movie where the U.S. Navy saves the world from an extraterrestrial invasion. The plot begins in 2005 when a focused radio message is sent by a NASA communications array in Hawaii to a “goldilocks planet” – a distant exoplanet not to far or too close to its parent sun to host life as we know it. Seven years later, the extraterrestrials answer the message by visiting the earth in five ships intending to establish a beachhead where alien reinforcements would arrive to presumably launch a full scale planetary invasion. They establish an energy shield around the Hawaiian Islands, and are on the verge of successfully sending a message home when a sole U.S. Navy destroyer trapped inside the shield begins picking off the extraterrestrial ships. Ultimately, the retired battleship, Missouri, is commandeered by a rag tag group of sailors to attack the last alien ship and the NASA communications array co-opted by the invaders. During the movie we witness President Obama doing a cameo where he talks about the national security crisis engulfing the Hawaiian Islands. All this raises the question of what would an extraterrestrial invasion be really like, and whether the U.S. military is doing anything to prepare for such a contingency?

A month ago, Professor Paul Springer from the U.S. Air Command and Staff College caused a stir when he got permission by his superiors to answer questions from an Australian television network about a military response to an alien invasion. He discussed its possibility, and mentioned ways that the U.S. military would respond to such a contingency. While he didn’t outright say that a classified military plan exists to respond to an extraterrestrial invasion, he came close to being on the public record that such a plan does exist. A few years earlier, in 2006, several military contractors published a book called An Introduction to Planetary Defense: A Study of Modern Warfare Applied to Extra-Terrestrial Invasion. In it they raised a number of ways that extraterrestrials could be resisted, and what methods would be the most successful. Interestingly, one possibility was that civilian resistance could be used since the aliens would value human life – either out of ethical concerns or because they viewed humans as a valuable resource. Aliens would not be hell bent on human extermination as witnessed in movies such as Battle for LA or Independence Day. An Introduction to Planetary Defense reveals that people in the military corporate world are seriously thinking about contingency plans for an alien invasion, and that a classified plan does exist.

All the above has led some to declare that an alien false flag operation has been planned, and with sufficient Hollywood conditioning of public sentiment may even be implemented. Significantly, alternative radio host Alex Jones has come out openly to declare that such a false flag operation is indeed possible. He and others cite comments from Dr Carol Rosin, a former corporate executive with Fairchild Industries who got to hear a first hand account from Dr Werner Von Braun, former NASA insider, that such a false flag operation was indeed being planned. So is an extraterrestrial invasion, whether real or of the false flag variety something we will soon witness?

Answering that question requires looking at some of the historical evidence of alien visitation on our planet. The available evidence is extensive and reveals that UFOs have been often witnessed around nuclear weapons facilities. Cases have been documented where UFOs have actively interfered with nuclear weapons and even taken them offline. Robert Salas, a former USAF Captain, revealed an incident in 1967 where between 17-20 nuclear missiles were taken off line by UFOs. Salas’ testimony has been corroborated by other witnesses. Did the UFOs do this to weaken Earth defenses so that extraterrestrial could invade without nuclear weapons being used against them? The answer appears to be a resounding no since such cases extend back into at least the 1960s. Yet no extraterrestrial invasion has occurred in the four intervening decades. The advanced technological capacities of UFOs, suggest that their extraterrestrial occupants have more than enough advanced technology to conquer our world. Yet they haven’t. Why not? Three scenarios come to mind.

One, extraterrestrials are more interested in monitoring our world, and have no interest in taking over. Indeed, they appear more concerned with our tendency to use weapons of mass destruction against each other. Hollywood movies such as Battleship, Battle LA or Independence Day might be exciting to watch, but they are inconsistent with evidence of alien visitation and their peaceful intentions. Alien interference with nuclear weapons, and the way in which this contributed to ending the Cold War without a nuclear conflagration, points to a scenario where extraterrestrials are highly ethical, and follow something similar to the Prime Directive popularized in the Star Trek movie franchise.

A second scenario is that the alien visitors have been operating covertly with civilians and government authorities in a long term genetic experimental program. This is similar to how modern scientists conduct genetic experiments on animal species for a variety of purposes – producing better crops, creating vaccines, etc. For some aliens, humans are a primitive species with an incredibly diverse pool of genetics where biological manipulation may yield valuable information for extraterrestrial species survival or enhancement. Taking over our world in a direct military confrontation would serve no real purpose, and may even negatively impact on the alien genetic experiment underway. The alien abduction phenomenon supports this scenario.

If a genuine extraterrestrial invasion is unlikely, then what about the false flag variety? That is the third scenario, and something to be seriously considered since large scale false flag operations have occurred before. The biggest and most spectacular has been the September 11, 2001 attacks where researchers have shown overwhelming proof of official complicity in the attacks. Yet, the general American public have largely ignored such evidence and accepted the official version put out by public officials that terrorists controlled from caves in Afghanistan pulled off the attacks. 911 researchers claim that a variety of advanced technologies were used, direct energy weapons, micro nukes, thermite explosives, and even holographic technologies. Such technologies would be used again in a staged alien invasion.

Manufacturing false threats appears to be one growth industry where the USA excels, ably supported by a team of Hollywood script writers and producers. The mainstream media plays a crucial role in promoting statements by government authorities that have the general populace accept the official narrative and dismiss contrary evidence as unsubstantiated conspiracy. If you wake up one morning and find President Obama announcing the Earth is under alien attack, the most likely culprit would carry the time honored label – “Made in the USA”.

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  • Action packed it may be (it is, after all, based on a video game), but every critic trashed this movie. In any event, there have been History Channel ‘documentaries’ and at least one tv series devoted to the issue of alien invasion (not to mention science fiction stories going back to HG Wells). All of which have plucky and resourceful Americans ultimately defeating technologically superior aliens forces. All of which have been laughably absurd.

    Prescinding from the very real hypothesis that ET has been visiting Earth for at least tens of thousands of years, any hostile alien race bent on, say, the extermination of the human species preparatory to eventual colonization would have unimaginable weapons at its disposal. Redirecting a couple of killer asteroids would be child’s play, a planetary wide EM pulse that would stop civilization in its tracks would be elementary, introducing deadly genetically engineered mutating pathogens into the biosphere would efficiently exterminate the human species. There would be nothing humans could do to counter these measures and these are merely a few of the possibilities that come to mind. Anyone who reads science fiction or has watched it on tv or at the movies knows that there are any number of imaginative ways to reconfigure this planet for habitation by ET.

    But more importantly, the very concept of alien invasion as depicted in “Battleship” and other invasion movies is pathetically retrograde and anachronistic. It presumes that aliens who travel among the stars would engage in some version of WW2 land, air, and sea combat. The very idea is ludicrous. At best, it is based on childish video games and adolescent movies. Mostly, it has nothing to do with reality. Why would any advanced species put themselves in harm’s way when they could destroy humanity from orbit hundreds of miles above the planet? Why, indeed, would we humans even recognize an alien invasion? The movie “They Live” depicted an alien take-over and no one was the wiser (well, except for one guy who gets a pair of magic sunglasses). But the notion of armed combat with sinister aliens is something out of a comic book.

    Although a number of seemingly ET related nuclear incidents took place in the 1960’s, you note that “no extraterrestrial invasion has occurred in the four intervening decades.” And I’d note, yes, four decades for us, but perhaps a mere 10 minutes for them. Lest we forget the implications of temporal Relativity, the Earth is an inertial frame of reference. So, aliens may undoubtedly travel in their own inertial frames of reference (cf, the famous ‘twin paradox’). What passes for 40 years on Earth may be the blink of an eye to an ET.

    And 2nd-hand hearsay cited by Alex Jones about Werner von Braun? Seriously? Alex Jones gets some things right because he cites legitimate news sources and connects the dots, on others he’s just another paranoid wackjob. So, it is not ‘significant’ that he has come out openly about von Braun’s alleged alien invasion prophecy. Jones is constantly coming out openly with hair-on-fire declarations that may be ‘possible’. But more importantly, how would it be verified? Carol Rosin may have had deathbed conversations with von Braun and he may have laid out the groundwork for the alien invasion scenario for her, but the fact that she promotes herself as a “Doctor” when, in fact, her degree is an honorary one conferred by some archbishop in Nigeria doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Nor does the fact that her Wikipedia entry is single sourced, which implies that she wrote it. I am not calling her disclosure testimony into question, only that there is no way to verify it and she seems more than a tad bit into self-promotion. As personal anecdotal accounts do not constitute evidence, what she says must be taken on faith.

    And regarding von Braun, you refer to him as a “former NASA insider…” Seriously? That’s the best you can do for this guy? Pardon me, but “insider” is rather skimpy acknowledgement for the slave driver of Peenemunde and the foremost rocketeer in the USA who made it possible for astronauts to be launched to the Moon. More importantly, he was Nazi opportunist who, by rights, should have been hung for crimes against humanity, but who, instead, became a national hero in America. Merely an insider? Pshaw.

    In sum, the first two scenarios presented in the article make more sense than any weaponized WW2 style invasion. The issue of a ‘false flag’ ET invasion, however, is another kettle of fish entirely. To what end? The declaration of Martial Law? A NWO take-over? And how would the US pull this off without actual aliens and their armada of flying saucers? Although this is presented as a third option, it is the least well developed in terms of plausible logistics and reasonable motive.

    So, the bottom line is that unless the military has back engineered alien weapons systems for use in a movie version of an alien invasion (which would, of course, imply that ET is already here), there is little that humanity could do against a genuinely hostile weaponized alien ‘invasion’.

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