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Video Update: Prague Spring for studying extraterrestrial life- 2012 Exopolitics Congress Report

Opening Conference Panel featuring speakers and organizers - click image to view slideshow

[Update: June 25, 2012 – Conference Videos now available online – embedded below] Exopolitics Congress 2012 was held in Prague, Czech Republic from the 11th to 13th of May, 2012. It was organized by Exopolitika Czech and promoted by the non-profit organization Goscha. The organizing team consisted of :

  • Igor Chaun, Team leader, Organizer, Documentary Director and Spiritual Seeker;
  • Karel Rasin, Founder and Leader of Exopolitics in Czech Republic, Speaker, Free-Lance Journalist;
  • Simona Smidova, Stage Manager, Guide, Production;
  • Dana Rasinova, Production;
  • Petra Lachova, Production.

The guest speakers were Michael Salla (Exopolitics Institute), Francisco Mourão Corrêa (Exopolitics Portugal), Robert Fleischer (Exopolitics Germany), Robert Bernatowicz (Polish Journalist), Joanne Summerscales (British researcher, founder of the project AMMACH), Vaclav Urban (Exopolitics Czech), Viliam Poltikovic (Czech Director) and Michael Reynolds (Architect of Earthships)

The program started Friday late afternoon with a press conference. Saturday and Sunday the speakers would be presenting their work throughout the day. Karel Raisin and Simona Smidova waited at the airport for the arrival of guests.

On the first day, and after leaving our bags at the hotel around 18.00 we had a nice reception at a private room inside the Goscha building. Igor Chaun, the promoter of the event made a brief presentation speech and invited the guest speakers for a toast to the success of the event. Shortly after the toast and after a few brief words of introduction from the organization’s members and guests, it was time to move to the auditorium where the audience was looking forward to meet the protagonists.

On stage was already a long table, where the speakers would be seated. Igor Chaun made the introduction and then passed the word to each of the guest speakers, who spoke a little about their projects. The public showed much interest and was putting questions with the help and moderation of Igor Chaun. The time flew and by 21:00 this inaugural session would end.

From England came also Miles Johnston and Colin, two colleagues of Joanne who had intended to interview Eva Zemanova, a contactee and witness to the incident of Bodhgaya, who had already been investigated by Barry King, and interviewed by Kerry Kassidy in April 2011. Eva had come to visit us at the hotel just before we left for the inaugural session, and told us a bit of her background and story. Following this conversation, Eva gave us the written report made ​​by Barry King.

Saturday, March 12, at 09:00, Simona Smidova picked us up at the hotel and took us to the premises of the association GOSCHA, where several people already were waiting for us. Igor Chaun gave a warm welcome to all and passed the word to Karel Raisin, founder and coordinator of Exopolitics Czech.

Karel gave an introduction to the concept of Exopolitics, and went then moving to present the Alpha Project which focuses on the study of the phenomenon of abductions in the Czech Republic. Karel then spoke about a few cases that he has followed.

Then Dr. Michael Salla presented several cases of concealment of the UFO phenomenon since 1947 in Roswell, from documents (now declassified) and investigations made ​​by other researchers that proved that the US Army was involved in shaping public perception, to divert people’s attention or even deceive them, to better conceal the very phenomenon that puzzled and worried the top of the military hierarchy.

After the lunch break, right at 14:30 and with the room filled, Robert Bernatowicz, presented his research and experience with crop circles, and orbs. In a speech very passionate and full of power, Robert wanted to make clear that the phenomenon is real, and the audience enthusiastically responded, in the end, with a strong ovation.

This was followed by the presentation of Joanne Summerscales, founder of AMMACH (Anomalous Mind Management Abduction, contactee Helpeline). This project was founded in May 2011, and Joanne showed the work that has been done throughout this year of birth. Some videos were screened with interviews with victims of abduction. Joanne has gathered evidence from several countries and has opened a helpline on purpose so that people can call to report their experiences.

Robert Fleischer was next. The disclosure in Germany seems to be something taboo, but Robert has been closely following the initiative of a citizen who placed the German parliament in court for not respecting the law of freedom of information and not provide the files relating to an UFO study done by the parliament’s department of scientific research. Robert was able to have access to some Swiss and German files which made an excellent illustration of the truth hidden in Germany and also mentioned the case of UN Decision 33/426, promoted by Sir Eric Gary (Prime Minister of Grenada – 1978) and Lee Spiegel, who he had the opportunity to interview recently.

Already a little late in time, Francisco Mourão Corrêa initiated the presentation, making a historical retrospective on the “clash” of civilizations at the time of the Portuguese discoveries. He then made a review of 5 interesting cases of UFO sightings in Portugal, involving two Chiefs of Staff of the Portuguese Air Force and ended with a short approach to the case of Fatima and the “miracle” of the Sun in1917. The agenda of this second day of Congress, ended short after 09pm.

Audience and Panel on Friday night of Exopolitics Prague Congress - click image to view slideshow

Friday the 13th, the session began with Vaclav Urban, a member of the Exopolitics Czech, who made an overview of what happened in his country in terms of awakening to the phenomenon. He also did a retrospective of several books that were written on the subject, including the work of Eric Von Daniken.


Michael Reynolds, an architect and defender of the idea of ​​sustainable  construction taking advantage of solid waste of our society, such as glass bottles and plastic or tires, spoke of his project “EarthShips.”

Then the film director Vilian Poltikovic presented a documentary made ​​in Peru on UFO sightings, the role of local shamans who speak of “gods” from the heavens above, and  about the Nazca lines.

There was then a break for lunch.

Igor Chaun began the evening program presenting his last mystical experiences in the Amazon rainforest. Experiences that made ​​him see life differently.

Michael Salla then made ​​his second presentation, on the oficial initiatives on the UFO phenomenon, and mentioned Sir Eric Gary’s UNGA 33/326, JFK, Clinton and Obama.


At the end of this intervention, and unexpectedly, there appeared an ex-Major of the Czech Air Force, who had a sighting and wanted to give his testimony. Then, a Vietnamese spiritual guide  spoke a little about her background and work and suggested a guided meditation that was well accepted by the audience. With this episode the Congress had come to an end, but not before all the guests went on stage to be greeted by the audience.

We really have much to thank this great privilege of having been able to participate in this excellent initiative organized by Exopolitics Czech and Project Goscha. The organizing team showed a dedication and a professional pride that is not very common to find. Everything was perfect. An interested public and participatory environment full of good energy, a promoter who was an excellent communicator, and a highly professional team of translators. We could not have expected anything better. It was fantastic and we want more!…

Report by Francisco Mourão Corrêa



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