Open Letter to Extraterrestrial Visitors

Dear Galactic Family,

It is a great joy to know that your cloaked star ships are now orbiting Earth. We understand that they will become more visible when you make open contact with Earth citizens soon. I hope this letter quickly reaches you through some trustworthy means.

In a recent channeled message through Greg Giles, you stated “Your mission at this time is to help spread light, which is information, and help to calm the fears that may spread throughout your societies upon the announcements of our presence here. You have the tools at your disposal. Many of these have been purposely seeded into your culture for just this purpose. Use them well.”

Yes, we have the tools to spread your messages, but they are not being used as productively as they could be. We do not have the kind of information to share that is viewed as credible by the masses.    We have sayings like “Seeing is believing”, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” – Carl Sagan.   Telepathic messages and blurry UFO photos are not convincing to most Earth humans.

In the spirit of helping each other to create the best outcome, I humbly offer some requests. In short, we need true to life videos and photos of you. The content must clearly show human-looking extraterrestrial beings. It could include tours of your natural environments, star ships, and homes.

Comments from you about your life and view of Earth would be wildly popular. Ideally, you should speak in your own languages and also Earth languages. We wish to know about your education, music, art, recreation, and sports. We would especially like to see your technologies for cleaning up our planet, curing our health problems, and providing non-polluting energy.

Access to your “viewing screen” would enable us to see important historical events in our cultures exactly as they occurred. Only a few citizens of Earth claim to have seen this fascinating technology on your star ships.

Live web cams showing your normal daily activities would be spectacular. We want to see activities on your ‘streets’ and at your cultural events. Interactive live chats with you by video and audio would be groundbreaking.

Sharing such tangible and persuasive evidence with the masses would greatly increase the number of your Earth family who are eager to welcome you. It would also lessen disruption to our services and supplies that you have warned us about if people are not well informed about you and your arrival.

News of your lives would reach hundreds of millions. This happened in May 2008 with the “alien in the window” video shown in Denver, Colorado. It created a flood of headline news worldwide.  Merely tens or hundreds of thousands seem to read channeled messages. A greater number of people would believe visual content.

Authentic videos of you would help us know what is true. They would be the most exciting and enlightening videos ever seen on Earth. We would share them with everyone we can. They would become immediate ‘viral’ sensations on the Internet.

Watching videos of you before your star ships uncloak would greatly reduce fear and panic about your upcoming visit. You would not face the risks of showing up as a total surprise to most Earth humans who did not read or believe the channeled messages.

Time is of the essence. Compelling videos would empower us to show the masses a ‘clear picture’ of your benevolent intentions. Will you please help our mission by providing video content of your civilizations?

With love, gratitude, and highest regards,

Jeff Peckman

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